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Survey , Inspection & Audit

Initial and Outturn surveys for tankers
  • Quantifying survey to ascertain the cargo on board

On / Off Hire Bunker surveys

  • Ascertaining the bunker quantities on board at the time of delivery or re-delivery of the vessel

Third Party inspections

  • Inspection & Ascertaining the extent & cause of damage to vessel or shore equipment.

Pre-purchase vessel inspections

Vessel Condition inspections for prospective ship Owners.

Our inspection includes inspection of all accessible areas, including the following:

  • Hull Condition

  • Cargo equipment

  • Deck equipment

  • Accommodation areas

  • Navigation equipment

  • Machinery

  • Deck and Machinery log books

Pre-vetting and Tanker Services

Blue Lagoon Shipping provides the following survey and inspections services:

  • Pre-vetting Inspections for Oil and Chemical Tankers

  • Pre-Right ship Inspections for Bulk Carriers

  • On board training for vessel’s crew covering the owner’s HSSEQ systems

  • Internal Audits for all types of vessels

  • Initial / first vetting inspections assistance for new builds and change of management vessels

  • Tank cleaning expeditors

  • Tanker Surveys – Ullage, Draft Surveys, Cargo sampling and Cargo supervision

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